Today's Beatiful Gem: `Mother and Child' by Lilashuka.

This week is Mothers' day week in the USA. I am presenting a poem
from shrIkRshhNakarNAmR^ita by lIlAshuka. It is in the metre
shArdUlavikrIDita. It deals with Yashoda feeding the child Krishna.
May I request the readers and experts to present poems and passages
in any language dealing with mother and child?

"kiMcit-kuncita-locans'ya pibatah: paryAyamekaM stanam
sadyah: prasnuta-dugdha-bindum-aparam hastena saMmArjatah: |
mAtraikAnguli-lAlitas'ya cubuke smerAnanasyAdhare
s'aureh: kSIra-kaNAnvitA nipatitA danta-dyutih: pAtu nah: ||"

"Drinking milk from one breast with half-closed eyes,
While wiping away the milk coming out of the other breast,
As the mother fondles the chin of his smiling face with one finger,
May the shine from the teeth of Krishna with milk-drops on his lips
protect us!"

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao