Today's Beautiful Gem:     `HIS OLD FATHER SATISFIED' from the Chicago Advance.

         Many a time, we are nostalgic about those olden golden days. Just
as all that glitters is not gold, all that is old is not gold. However,
in certain matters, the old IS gold. The following is an extract from
perhaps a very old news paper quoted in a very old book. During this
Father's Day week, it is truly apt. Read and comment!

"Twenty years ago a discouraged young doctor in one of our large
cities was visited once by his old father, who came up from a rural
district to look after his boy. `Well, son,' he said, `how are you
getting along?' `I'm not getting along at all,' was the disheartened
answer. `I'm not doing a thing.' The old man's countenance fell,
but spoke of courage and patience and perseverance. Later in the day
he went with his son to the `Free Dispensary,' where the young doctor
had an unsalaried position, and where he spent an hour or more
everyday. The father sat by, a silent but intensely interested
spectator, while 25 poor unfortunates received help. The doctor
forgot his visitor while he bent his skilled energies to this task;
but hardly had the door closed on the last patient, when the old man
burst forth: `I thought you told me that you were not doing anything!
Why, if I had helped 25 people in a month as much you have in one
morning, I would thank God that my life counted for something.'
`There isn't money in it, though,' explained the son somewhat abashed.
`Money!' the old man shouted still scornfully. `Money! What is money
in comparison with being of use to your fellow-men? Never mind about
money; you go right along at this work everyday. I'll go back to the
farm, and gladly earn enough to support you as long as I live-- yes,
and sleep sound every night with the thought that I have helped you
to help your fellow-men.' "

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao