Today's Beautiful Gem: `He is a super-user!' by M. Udayakala.

"He is a super-user!
He has access to all files!
I've had files which were full of information
about friends, about enemies,
I've had files that were chronicles
of my triumphs, of my defeats, and, of my shame!
I tried to protect all those files from your eyes,
from his eyes, and, from her eyes; alas, not from His eyes!
I can't cheat Him just as I cheated you!
I can't lie to Him just as I lied to her!
Too late to rue about the past commissions!
At least, hereafter, I shall not create such files!
My file should be like His life--
accessible to the world, worth reading, altering and copying!
That is my goal-- to create files
that are clean, open, and, perhaps useful to a few;
I am no longer afraid of Him, the super-user!
He is not a peeper or a voyuer
who will violate my privacy;
I don't care even if He does
as my files are all open and unlocked.
My only privilege is to execute
and I assume responsibility for all my errors,
advertent and inadvertent."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao