Today's Beautiful Gem: `That is my medicine' by an anonymous author.

         Most of the East Coast residents were visited by an unwelcome guest
called Fran. Fran caused a lot of damage to life and property in the
states of North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Fortunately we
in Maryland were spared the wrath of Fran. But we had copious amounts
of rain, nearly eight inches. Before the fury of Nature, man has to bow
in awe and reverence. However, modern technology has lessened the
destructive forces of Nature. Then, there are lessons to be learnt too.
Lesson number one is humility. Lesson number two is that there is a
superior force. Lesson number three is faith-- faith in God, faith in
the family, and faith in the community. These are the medicines that
wind and water, clouds and hail as well as thunder and lightning can
proffer us. Here is a poem by an anonymous author that reflects these

"When the wind blows
      that is my medicine
When it rains
      that is my medicine
When it hails
      that is my medicine
When it becomes clear after a storm
      that is my medicine"

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao