Today's Beautiful Gem: "Terms of Endearment" by Judy Grahn.

           Many a time, when we are close to someone, we use nicknames as terms
of endearment. Many spouses have nicknames for each other, sometimes known
only to themselves. Of course, the most common one in this country is Honey!
It may also be Pumpkin or Chump or Redhead or Smiley! Here is a poem by
Judy Grahn where the lovers use a variety of such terms.

"He called her: golden dawn She called him: the wind whistles
He called her: heart of the sky She called him: message bringer
He called her: mother of pearl
barley woman
rice provider
millet basket
corn maid
flax princess
She called him: fawn
mountain strider
keeper of forests
He called her: the tree is She called him: bird dancing
He called her: who stands
has stood
will always stand
She called him: arriver
He called her: the heart and the
womb are similar"
She called him: arrow in my heart

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.