Today's Beautiful Gem: "Who will help me but you?" by Mysore Vaasudevaachaar,
translated by me.

"brOchEvaar(u) evaruraa
ninu vinaa raghuvaraa nanu
brOchEvaar(u) evaruraa
nee charaNaambhujamulu nE
viDazaala karuNaalavaala
brOchEvaar(u) evaruraa

"O chatura+aanana+aadi vandita
neeku paraaku+Elanayya
nee charitamu pogaDalEni
naa chinta teerchi varamulichchi
brOchEvaar(u) evaruraa

"seetaapatE naapai
neek(u) abhimaanamu lEdaa
naa mora vinaraadaa
bhaasuramuga kari-raazunu brOchina
vaasudEvuDavu neevu kadaa
naa paatakam(u) ella pOgoTTi
gaTTiga naa chEyi paTTi viDuvaka
brOchEvaar(u) evaruraa"
"Who will help me,
but you, O Lord,
who will help me?
Your lotus feet I'll never
forsake, O merciful one!
Who will help me but you?

"Gods like Brahma worship you,
but you are indifferent to my prayers;
Never can I chronicle your deeds,
Bless me and fullfil my desires,
Come quickly,
Who will help me but you?

"Lord, why do you proudly keep distance
from me without any compassion?
Adored by the son of the Wind-god,
can't you hear my cry of anguish?
Is it not you that saved Gajendra grandly
once upon a time, the same Vaasudeva?
Forgive all transgressions of mine,
Hold my hand tightly and lead me,
Who will help me but you?"

        Note: This song, in raga Khamaas (?), is one of my favourites. I vaguely
remember as a child listening to this song by MSS on a gramaphone record.

This raga, like Kadanakutuuhala, has resemblances to classical Western music.
Note how unobtrusively the author employs his signature at the end of the song.
                 This song is one of my mother's favourites. I remember her
singing songs like this during the course of her daily chores such as cooking.
                 Mother, I can still listen to your voice with my mental ears.
                 Mother, may your soul rest in peace!

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.