Today's Beautiful Gem: "Pagan Prayer" by Alice Brown.

         As far as faith in God is concerned, there are believers and there are
unbelievers. There are agnostics and there are miracle workers. There are
those who swear by His name and there are those who never utter His name.
But many at least are aware of the fact that there is a power far superior
to them-- call it God or Nature. Here is a pagan prayer:

"You that uphold the world
You that light the sun,
Bear with me my sorrow:
O'er the road we may know not
Guide us, O Mighty One!
Uphold me.
Make me see,
Help me meet the morrow,

To end we must fear not.
March with us, heroes!"

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.