Today's Beautiful Gem: "Gods too feel separation!" by tALLapAka annamAchAryulu.

The faithful believe that God created man. May be or may not be
depending upon one's persuasion. But who created God? O, with
what great love, with what great affection, with what great joy,
with what great dedication and with what great understanding did
man create God! He made Him bigger, he made Him better, he made
Him braver, he made Him more tender, more affectionate and more
loving. taaLLapaaka annamaachaaryulu lived in the fifteenth century
and wrote songs of offering on the presiding deity of Tirumala
(Tirupati), Shri Venkateshvara, another representation of Vishnu.
Here is a beautiful song as a dialogue between Rama and Lakshmana,
where Annamayya writes about the separation of Shri Rama from
his beloved Sita.

kAnakuMTi miMdAkA kaMTi mADakubOdamu
Now we see her whom we haven't seen for long; let us go!
kAnIlO aMdukEmi kaLavaLa mElayyA?
That is fine, but why are you so upset and confused?
toMgitsUche nade sIta tUrupuna tammuDA?
Don't you see Sita peeping from the east, my brother?
saMgati chanduruDiMte satigAdayyA?
That is not Sita, but the Moon, my dear brother!
cheMgaTa nE vedakagA chEri navvI tsUDarAdA?
As I am searching, she seems to laugh, don't you see?
raMgagu vennela liMtE rAmachandra tsUDumA!
That is nothing but the bright moonlight, my dear Rama!
poMchi chEtapilichIni poda daMDa nade sIta
From near that bush Sita is calling me with her hand.
aMchela tIge iMtE aTugAdayyA
That is nothing but a creeper, my dear brother!
eMchanEla davvulanu yeligiMchI vinarAdA
I can even listen to her voice from nearby.
peMchapu nemaligAni pilupu kAdayyA
Alas, that is our pet peacock, not Sita's voice!
niluchuMDi tsUchenade niMDugolakulO sIta
She is looking at us standing in the middle of the lake.
kaluvaliMtE ApegAdayyA
They are lilies, my brother, not Sita.
kaliki shrIvEMkaTAdri kAgiliMche nide nannu
My dear woman has hugged me just now!
talapulE nAke ninnu tagiluMDunayyA!
It is your thoughts that are touching you, brother!

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.