Today's Beautiful Gem: Environmental Sabbath of the United Nations.

"Abba, Father, we thank you for your presence among us.
Gaia, Mother Earth, we thank you for sustaining us
             as we go out to do the work our faith calls us to do.
We celebrate all the family of creation, heaven and earth,
             as one seamless garment, of which we too are an integral part.
We celebrate the soils, which nurture the food for our bodies.
We celebrate the seas, the air, the forests and mountains,
             which nurture our souls.
As part of all creation, we too have a nurturing role to play.
We have been blessed with the ability to choose our role.
Now in community, we dedicate ourselves to choosing wisely.
Together with the Holy Spirit, we will choose life,
             that we and our children might live.
May the Holy Spirit guide us as we seek to heal and to nurture
             the earth and all of its creatures,
             to live in the midst of creation,
             and to love one another as brothers and sisters with all life.
And may we tarvel from this moment forward
             in awareness of our bonds to one another and to the Earth,
             and in commitment to our communities
             wherever they might be."

Note: Today is Earth Day.

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.