Today's Beautiful Gem: The Earth is one huge family by M. Udayakala

In the afternoon, the peace of the desert was shattered
In the afternoon, the peace of the hills    was shattered
The birds in the trees flew hither and thither noisily
The camels and the sheep stopped grazing and ran helter-skelter

The Gods of all people all over the world were upset
Neither Buddha did smile, nor Muhammed, nor Jesus
They all echoed in unison: Alas, how badly we failed
They all had tears in their eyes and aches in their hearts

Brothers and sisters, friends and fellow human beings
It is not a sin to question; it is not a sin to condemn
You are all, everyone of you, still patriots if you choose life
You are all, everyone of you, still patriots if you choose love

Who wants wars?           The river of history is red and bloody
Who wants death?          Nobody knows what is beyond death
Who wants destruction? Construction takes more time
Who wants barbarism?   Aren't we all cultured?

Do bombs give peace?     Only the peace     of the Graveyard
Do bombs give security?  Only the security of Fear
Do bombs give status?     Only the status     of the Destroyer
Do bombs give victory?   Only the Victory  over the Dead

Remember the children, your children and our children
Remember their innocence, remember their smiles
Remember their future, they too need an umbrella
An umbrella of hope, an umbrella of happiness

Children need to marvel at the changing hues of the rainbow
Children need to chase the bees humming near the flowers
Children need to walk on the beach with bare feet at water's edge
Children need no mushroom clouds reflected in their irises

Nothing is new:  it is the same old will to dominate
Nothing is clear: it is the same old welter of confused ideas
Unclear minds of the East and the West detonate nuclear weapons
O God, please open up the horizons of the rulers of the Earth

Ask Him and ask Her for light, guidance and patience
They love the meek and the humble, the lowly and the lost
Fear not, let conches of peace resonate and reverberate
The Earth is one huge family; protect it and preserve it

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.