Today's Beautiful Gem: "Cosmic bond" by Mohana Udayakala

The sky above was studded with sparkling stars
The mud below was filled with blooming flowers
A tiny little flower looks up in awe and muses:
"You are so big, far away and unreachable
I am so small rooted in the earth
I always wonder
Are we descended from the same primordial fire?"
Did the distant star listen to the tiny murmurs?
The little flower hears a faint echo:
"The red giant or the white dwarf
The big elephant or the little flower
We are all made up of the same elements
The birth and death of the flowers
And the birth and death of the stars
Are just events in space and time
Nothing more, nothing less--
Though separated in space and time
Our cosmic origin is unquestioned
And our cosmic bond is still eternal."
Dewy tears flowed down the little flower's face!

Om shantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao