Today's Beautiful Gem: "Benediction" by Sri Chandrashekhara Sarasvati

Governments start from the top. They have their own ideas
as how to better the lives of their citizens. Is it not a
good idea to start at the level of the individual and move
up? A collection of closely related individuals constitutes
a family; a collection of families constitutes a community;
a collection of communities constitutes a residential entity
like a town or city; a collection of such villages and cities
constitutes a province or a state; a collection of such
states constitutes a nation; and finally a comity of such
nations consitutes the Earth. If we start at the level of
self and erase the ME and think of the WE, all human
problems, however difficult, could be solved. Note that
ME and WE are mirror images, literally and figuratively.

                                           ----            plane of the mirror

Shri Chandrashekhara Sarasvati's benediction certainly is an
inspiration to achieve this lofty goal.

"maitrIM bhajatam+akhila hRt+jetrIm.h
aatmavadeva paraan+api pashyata |
yuddhaM tyajataa spardhaaM tyajataa
tyajataa pareshva-akramam+aakramaNam.h ||

"Develop friendship
With friendship, you'll win hearts
The others are not different
The same self resides in them
Why engage in wars
Why engage in contests
Don't be aggressive
Don't be expansionist"

"jananI pRthviH kaama-dughaaste
janako devaH sakala-dayaaluH |
daamyata dattaa dayadhvam janataa
shreyo bhuuyaat.h sakala janaanaam.h ||

"The Earth is the Mother
She will fullfil all wishes
And God is the Father
He is full of Love
Be compassionate
Be generous
May the whole world flourish
May all the people prosper"

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao