Today's Beautiful Gem: "How smoothly the game is played!"
by M. Udayakala

"War always glorifies the bravery of men;
But does anybody care for who is left behind?
But does anybody care for what is left behind?
And anyway, what is bravery?
Is it counting who killed how many?
Or hanging medals around the necks of those that didn't die?
What is worth dying for?
Is it for a slogan like my religion is better than yours?
Is it for patriotism for my country?
(By the way, which is my country?
India where I was born or the USA where I live now?)
Or for some catchy phrase coined by a word-merchant?
Somewhere and somehow, the heart becomes lonely and loveless!
And then words pour out-- a torrent of words,
Words that just don't come straight from the heart!
O how nicely and smoothly the game is played!
Some gain riches; some gain power;
Some gain positions; some just want to win!
And of course there is always the talk;
A stream of oratory by the politicians and the pundits;
Divide, stoop and conquer-- that is the maxim.
In the meanwhile, the young die needlessly;
The women grieve till their hearts ache and break;
And the children-- alas, they're the worst sufferers!"

Om shantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao