Today's Beautiful Gem: "Deepaavali" by M. Udayakala

"Deepaavali-- Festival of Lights!
On the darkest night of the year 
Clusters of light compete with stars
Ear-splitting noise permeates the sulphurous air
Krishna-- the Dark Lord of Love
Naraka-- the Lord of the Dark
Satya-- the Dark Lord's True Love
The three sides of the Eternal triangle!
Between the Good and the Evil
Between the Light and the Dark
Between the Life and the Death
The War of the worlds wages on!
Krishna swoons and Satya takes over
The weapons of Truth 
Dissolve the forces of the Dark
The hell-demon Naraka loses 
To the Lord of Love and the Queen of Truth 
That is the tale we often hear!
Everyday is Deepaavali
Every night is a festival of lights
The heart and the mind are big battlefields
Forces of temptation lurk there 
The hell-demon creates a veritable hell 
Waves of love try to wash the scum of hatred 
The Dark Lord kindles the lamp of peace 
Truth slays falsehood and ignorance
The Queen of Truth offers the greatest weapon
Krishna is there
Naraka is there
Satya is there 
In all hearts and minds 
The battle wages on every living moment
At times darkness may engulf 
Ultimately, Love and Truth triumph
Everyday is Deepaavali
Every night is a festival of lights!"

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao