Today's Beautiful Gem: "Do You really play dice?" by M. Udayakala

"Me and my brother nice
At times we play dice [.]
If I win, I pass an order
To make things harder
For him :)
If I lose, he passes an order
To make things harder 
For me ;)

Me-- I weave carpets, red and green
Soft to touch, fit for a queen!
They say my work is splendid
As my hands are small!

He-- my brother-- he is strong
But his hands are blistered
He breaks those stones hard
To build those houses grand!

Do You know? sometimes we make fun of You :)
We say: He too may be playing dice like us!
If He wins, he sends the boys and girls
To distant lands with milk and honey :)
If He loses, He sends the boys and girls 
To homes like ours with mirchi and rOTI ;)

Sorry, that is all in fun, no offence intended
If our parents hear, sure we're dead!
But, on a serious note, at times I wonder 
O God, our Creator, do You really play dice? [.]"

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao