Today's Beautiful Gem: Shiva and Parvati by Octavio Paz, 
translated by Eliot Weinberger.

The accepted view by theologians of all faiths is that God created man 
in his own image. Did God really create man or did man create God? 
The Mexican Nobel laureate Octavio Paz turned out to be an Indophile! 
In 1951 he was an attache of the Mexican embassy in India. He served as
his country's ambassador in the sixties for seven years. He wrote 
several books on India including "In Light of India" from which the 
following passage is chosen. On the way to work, what did I hear?
Jesu, the joy of man, by J.S. Bach! May be, God, the Joy of Man!

"Shiva and Parvati: 
we worship you 
not as gods
but as images
of the divinity of man.
You are what makes and is not, 
what man will be 
when he has served the sentence of hard labour.
Shiva: your four arms are four rivers, 
four jets of water.
Your whole being is a fountain
where the lovely Parvati bathes,
where she rocks like a graceful boat.
The sea beats beneath the sun:
it is the great lips of Shiva laughing; 
the sea is ablaze:
it is the steps of Parvati on the waters.
Shiva and Parvati:
the woman who is my wife
and I
ask you for nothing, nothing
that comes from the other world:
the light on the sea,
the barefoot light on the sleeping land and sea."

Om shaantiH Peace! - J, K, Mohana Rao