Today's Beautiful Gem: "Do you remember?" by M. Udayakala

In a bygone era
during the reign of Bharata
in the land of India
near the eternal Jamuna
in Kurukshetra
during the great Bhaarata war
in the beginning
driving the chariot
between two fierce armies
what did you say to the great Archer
who was about to renounce arms?

Do you still remember?

To protect the righteous
To destroy the evil
To establish Dharma
I'll appear again and again

That is what you said
I hope you haven't forgotten

In the present age
do you find only the righteous
but no evil forces?
or is the evil too miniscule?
or is the angel of Dharama
dancing joyously
on all Her four feet?

Then why don't you
manifest again?
O Lord
Why don't you?

If you dilly-dally
daily like this:
O let me do it tomorrow
let me wait for the right moment
the time is not yet ripe
there may not be any more good
left on this earth
Then it is no longer necessary
to protect the righteous
Then your second-coming too
will become unnecessary! Is it not?

Om shaantiH Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao