Today's Beautiful Gem: "My Father" by M. Udayakala

"When I was a child, everything seemed to me big!
The trees appeared gigantic, the house looked huge;
I had to run on my small feet behind those adults' big footsteps!
Then-- in my child's world of monsters and angels,
My father, you were the biggest and the strongest man!
My father, you were also my saviour from fears and tears.

"In time, I grew up and you became older;
Of course, that day is still etched in my memory;
I was in the school, and a wire arrived;
Father, you left me without even saying good-bye!

"What remains today is a sea of memories;
What remains today is a sea of sadness;
Our little verbal duels, our hair-splitting arguments,
Our differences-- they are the waves on the surface;
But as I dive deep below, the water is serene;
There are no waves and there are no winds;
I still see the worry on your face when I was in difficulties;
I still hear your resonant prayers as I awoke from my delirium;
And those sweet and sad stories of your childhood, I love them!
You used to be not only firm, but also kind-- like God!

"Today, my children mock at me and ignore me
When I entreat them not to waste water or money,
Just as I used to laugh at you and ignore you
When you asked me not to waste water or money!

"My dear father, I miss you still,
My dear father, I think of you still,
My dear father, I love you still,
More so, now, than when we were together!"

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao