Dear Friend,

I will be away at Atlanta attending the ACA meeting during
next week. Therefore, there will be a temporary interruption of
`Today's Beautiful Gems'. Please forgive me for not making
prior arrangements. I sent individual replies to all persons
who responded to the gems either on the net or to me separately.
However, for a long time, I wanted to talk to you on the net.
I do it now (may be the only time) and please bear with me.

When I tried to intrude into your hearts and minds,
you made me most welcome; thank you!
When I tried to speak to you through the words of the wise,
you understood and applauded; thank you!
I received more than what I gave you
because you are generous and magnanimous;
I realise to-day that there is no constraint for appreciation
because knowledge is ever expanding.

As they say, a sentence pregnant with meaning is a work of art;
May the magic and music of words resonate and reverberate
in the sphere of your conscience!

We trace our source to the original Eve and primordial Light;
We are streams of dreams in search of the ocean of Truth;
We are worshippers of Beauty at the altar of Life;
We are doers of good and seekers of Peace.

The cosmos with its mathematical laws and natural rhythms
exists because we exist;
We are fellow-travellers from a comity of nations
on this fragile planet in this boundless universe.
Just as there are myriads of reflections, but one sun,
Our paths are different, but our goal is one.

May the Formless One with thousand forms fill our lives!
May the Nameless One with thousand names guide our lives!
Santih or Peace, Shalom or Salaam-- they all mean the same;
May God permeate us with peace and harmony, joy and contentment!

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao