Today's Beautiful Gem: "Asoka Tree" by probably Bhartrhari
translated by Paul Elmore More

"O fair Asoka tree, with love's own red
Thy boughs are aflame;
Whither, I pray thee, hath my wanton fled?
This way I know she came.

"In vain thy nodding in the wind, thy sigh
Of ignorance assumed;
I know because my flower-love wandered by
For joy thy branches bloomed.

"I know thee: ever with thy buds unblown,
Till touched by maiden's foot;
And thou so fair-- one fairest maid alone
Hath trod upon thy root."

Note: In classical India, it used to be a custom for fair maidens
to tread with their feet after the trees are planted. This is
supposed to induce the trees to grow as beautifully as themselves.
The Asoka is also called the Indian tall mast and its flower is
one of the five arrows of Manmatha, the Love God.

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao