Today's Beautiful Gem: A sloka from Bhartrhari's Srngaarasataka.

"kesah samyaminah srterapi param paaramgate locane
caantarvaktramapi svabhaavasucibhih keernam dvijaanaam ganaih |
muktaanaam satataadhivaasaruciram vakshojakumbhadvayam
cettham tanvivapuh prasaantamapi te kshobam karoti eva nah ||

"Your hair well combed, your eyes reaching to your ears,
your mouth filled with ranks of teeth that are white by nature,
your breasts charmingly adorned with a necklace of pearls,
slim girl, your body, though at rest, disturbs me.


"Your hair self-denying, your eyes understanding the whole of
the scripture,
your mouth full of groups of naturally pure brahmanas,
your breasts lovely from the presence of emancipated souls,
slim girl, your body, though free from passion, disturbs me."

Note: The metre is `saardoolavikreedita' (sport of tigers), nineteen
letters per line (---**-*-***---*--*-; - long syllable and * short
syllable). The figure of speech is `sleshaalankaara' (pun or twin
meaninged). The words with double meaning are: samyaminah (tamed
or self-denying like that of a hermit), srti (ear or veda),
dvijaanam ganah (braahmanas, i.e. sacrificial formulae or teeth;
both the brahmins and the teeth have two births!), muktaanaam
(pearls or released), prasaantam (at rest or passionless).

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao