Today's Beautiful Gem: Preface from the book "Listen to Love"
compiled by Louis M. Savary.

"Love has many voices. Love sends its greeting in the smile of
a friend, the contented sighs of a baby, the felt whisperings
of the Spirit.

"Often we are slow to recognize how many voices are really love's

"`God is love,' says John the Evangelist. `He who dwells in love
is dwelling in God, and God in him.'

"Love speaks in many places. It leans against the neighbor's fence
or comes sniffing into a kitchen filled with cooking. It walks
amid the bustle of the city streets or stands on a crowded bus.

"Love has many moods. Sometimes love is bold and happy or else
it is anxious and hesitant. Sometimes it is riotous and
demanding, or gentle and relaxed, or even sober and practical.
Sometimes love just waits.

"Love comes in all seasons. It rides the icy winds of winter and
laughs with raindrops in the spring. It wanders through restless
heat of summer and catches the leaves of autumn as they fall."

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao