Today's Beautiful Gem: "Our India" by M. Udayakala

"India is a state of the human mind;
Not just a rich land with a richer culture;
Dream of the Gods and Drama of the Man--
India is an experience of the senses.
Allah's blessings and Krishna's counsels,
Or Buddha's benedictions and Nanak's teachings--
Rejuvenated the country again and again.
Big and beautiful; mighty and majestic-- those
High hills and deep valleys, blue rivers and green forests,
Alive with animals, birds, fish, and, flowers,
Resonant with dance, music, poetry, and, arts,
Awaken our hearts to transcendental heights.
The whole is more than the sum of the parts!
Well, India is more; India is the spirit of the soul.
Each one of us, anywhere in the world, is a microcosm of India.
Ah, India is not only a nation, but also a notion--
Rich, colourful, vibrant, turbulent, and, yet enlightened;
Each person different and passioante, yet Indian,
Awaits the Destiny of the Future, distant and unknown.
Life of the world and Light for the world,
Love's longing and fulfilment-- that's India.
Our dreams, our desires, and, our sorrows,
Nurtured by hopes hold the promise for India.
Eternal is India; verily, India is an extension of Time."

Note: The first letters of each line read from top to bottom
contain a message. The Indian Independence Day falls next Monday.

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao