Today's Beautiful Gem: "Hassidic Music" by Leon Stein

"Oh, Lord of the Universe
I will sing Thee a song.
Where canst Thou be Found,
And where canst Thou not be found?
Where I pass-- there art Thou.
Where I remain-- there, too, Thou art.
Thou, Thou, and only Thou.

"Doth it go well-- 'tis thanks to Thee.
Doth it go ill-- ah, 'tis also thanks to Thee.

"Thou art, Thou hast been, and Thou wilt be.
Thou didst reign, Thou reignest, and Thou wilt reign.

"Thine is Heaven, Thine is Earth.
Thou fillest the high regions,
And Thou fillest the low regions.
Wheresoever I turn, Thou, oh Thou, art there."

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao